About Us

Our Roots

The journey to creating the T Room, LLC is one that comes from a place of passion and love of a mother. The feeling of being unable to help your sick child "feel better" is one that plenty of parents are burdened with far too often. This very unsettling feeling is what motivated my determination to find an alternative to the prescription medications that just weren't working for my child. It came to a point to where I was willing to try almost anything.

After getting some very valuable advice from a close friend of the family, I began investigating a variety of herbal teas of all sorts. What I found was simply amazing, and after a very short time of replacing the sugary drinks that I had been buying and preparing for my family with herbals teas, my "sick child" really began to feel better. I also noticed that I began to feel and look better. 

So I did what almost anyone does when they are excited about something new or something they really like, I told everyone! I've always loved helping others and sharing information, as well as listening and learning. All of the excitement and passion that I have for trying Herbal Teas as natural remedies for my loved ones has been poured into the T Room, LLC.

Every single ounce of flowers, herbs, leaves, roots, seeds, & teas are packaged with love and provide helpful information and health benefits. From refreshing to soothing, teas can be all-natural "pick-me-ups" or can completely relax the mind and body. Herbal teas are naturally caffeine free and are suitable for drinking at any time of the day. Most are suitable during all stages of life too – from the youth to the wise elder.