Yarrow Flowers cut & sifted 1 oz.

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1.00 Ounces

Health Benefits of Yarrow Flowers

Yarrow Flowers is unsurpassed as a treatment for flu and fevers. Health Benefits include;

  • It is wise to always have yarrow on hand for coming plagues, which would be flu type diseases, and it is also useful in most childhood diseases as well.
  • Benefits the respiratory system and helps respiratory problems as well, including bleeding from the lungs.
  • Used abundantly at the beginning of a cold, it will usually break it up within 24 hours.
  • Especially good for fevers as it produces perspiration. It opens pores, and has a relaxing action on the skin. It must be drunk warm for fevers, or take capsules with warm water or with peppermint tea.
  • Ointment made from yarrow is good for sores, including those from chicken pox and small pox. It is also good for wounds. The oils in yarrow have anti-bacterial properties.
  • Relieves kidney and bladder problems, infections, and mucus discharge from the bladder. It equalizes circulation, corrects diarrhea in infants, and heals and sooths all mucous membranes.
  • Helps to regulate the glandular system, and regulates and tones the liver.
  • Can be used externally as a great treatment for hemorrhoids, or inject one ounce of tea in a retention enema for internal hemorrhoids.
  • Contains bitter compounds that relieve smooth muscle spasms, reduce blood pressure, and stop bleeding.
  • Helps to reduce excessive menstrual flow, and is all around great for reducing bleeding.


How to Use 

  • Use as a poultice, tea, or in tinctures.
  • Bitter to the taste, but effective. It can be used with Peppermint to mask the flavor.


Cautions and Side Effects 

  • Not recommended for internal use while pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Safe for children.